Alix Gueissaz


In 1848, Switzerland, with its new constitution, becomes a federal nation. This modern concept is still in force today and guarantees the sovereignty of the cantons with the exception of Federal matters (foreign affairs, post, customs, currency, military organisation).

A new social, political and economic impulse is given. That same year, in his workshop, Alix Gueissaz, a farmer width a dynamic and energetic character, began manufacturing music boxes in his workshop in L'Auberson, close to Sainte-Croix.

Alix had eight children amongst whom Jules-Louis and Philippe.

Jules-Louis represented the family's firm in Teheran. In 1990, he delivered to the Shah of Persia a luxurious music box.

Philippe Gueissaz


Second son of Alix, Philippe actively assisted his father. They attended together the “Expositions Universelles de Paris” in 1878 and 1889 where they were awarded a medal. In 1883, during the first “Swiss National Exhibition” held in Zurich, they received a distinction which confirmed once again the exquisite workmanship of their products.

Philippe had five children : Auguste, Arthur, Rachel, André-Samuel and Félix.

Auguste and Félix settled down in Persia. Auguste was busy with his transport company and he represented Switzerland to the Shah. Félix founded an important business of walnut wood.

Arthur and Rachel left L'Auberson to live in Geneva.

Only André-Samuel remained to take over the family business.

André-Samuel Gueissaz


He was the last representative of that epoch during when the craftsman not only had to run  his company but was also a farmer.

Orders were rare. The launch of the phonograph damaged the sales of the “cartels” (big music boxes). That is why, in 1925, with the support of his sister Rachel and her husband Paul Würster, André-Samuel decided to direct a wholesale trade for colonial foods in Geneva, and did so for about twenty years.

In 1938, the first American customers appeared and a new impetus was given to the music box.

André-Samuel had four children : Roger, Edgar, René and André-Paul.

André-Paul Gueissaz


His training in mechanics enabled him, from the age of 18, to implement modern technical procedures. To satisfy an increasingly important demand, this enterprising manufacturer, with his brothers’ help, enlarged the family workshop which became a small factory. In 1959, his commercial and technical know-how allowed him to found, with his wife Suzanne Jaccard, the “Gueissaz-Jaccard” company.

He has two children : Pierre-André and Anne-Claude.

Pierre-André Gueissaz

1953 until now

Today, Alix's great-great-grandson devotes all his energy in improving a skill transmitted through five generations.

The direct heir of 200 years expertise wishes to share his love of meticulous handcraft with a demanding clientele in search of technically perfect and beautiful item.